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Congrats! - Options For Youth Van Nuys Student Council

Brianna posting in Options For Youth Van Nuys Student Council
User: ofy_vn_sc (posted by briannadanylle)
Date: 2007-11-20 20:21
Subject: Congrats!
Security: Public
You all did it! Tomorrow is the last day for collecting quarters but as of tonight we've collected....$111.01! That's a powerful differnce!

I spoke with the organization today to finalize when and where the turkeys need to be delivered. She said... they have too many! They were surprised and over-whelmed by the community support as far as turkey donations go--they don't have the room for anymore.

What does that mean for all of your efforts? Not much. They DO have an online food drive and we're still going to donate the money there. Maybe we can do another drive in the Spring where we have a little more time to collect You've already proven you can make a huge difference. Just think about it--in less than a week you've raised over $100 to help feed those less fortunate.

If you noticed on the community user information page I added goal tickers so you can see how far were are to our goals. For our Quarter Drive I had to increase our goal because you exceeded the initial $50 I set for you. Rock on guys and gals! =)

I couldn't be prouder of you! Keep up the great work!
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